Welcome to FPSAC 2023!

July 17-21, 2023, UC Davis, California

Code of conduct

The Organizing Committee of FPSAC 2023 is committed to providing a rewarding and welcoming experience for all. We are committed to ensuring that FPSAC 2023 is professional and free of harassment and discrimination in all of its events. Furthermore, we are dedicated to creating a supportive environment that benefits from the diversity of experiences of all its participants. We aim to offer equal opportunity and treatment to every participant regardless of their mathematical experience, gender identity, race or ethnicity, or any other factor.

We will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment and we expect attendees of conferences to behave in a professional manner. If you experience harassment or discriminatory behavior at a conference event, we encourage you to reach out to any member of the organizing committee so we may take appropriate actions to address the situation.

Any participant appearing online must represent themselves by the name that they use for their professional work or in conferences. In addition, any speech or imagery that is posted in the chats or forms of the various conference activities must be appropriate for professional work.

If you witness harassment or discriminatory behavior, please consider intervening. We need the whole community to work together to make this event the welcoming and rewarding experience for all that we strive to achieve. Thank you for your cooperation.