Welcome to FPSAC 2023!

July 17-21, 2023, UC Davis, California


To register, please follow this link to a Google form with several sections, including questions about the banquet and excursion. On the last page of the Google registration form, another link is listed to the CES (Conference and Event Services) site at UC Davis, where payment is made. None of the data from the Google form is automatically populated into the CES site, so you will have to once again enter similar information. If you plan to stay in the dorms, please register by April 15 so at registration time you pay CES for your dorm room (meals included). Please email fpsac23davis@gmail.com if you have questions or need assistance.

Registration fees

Information on the banquet and excursions can be found under “Social Events”.

Cancellation policy

Please note that if you need to cancel the registration or cancel some of the tickets you have bought, please contact Fu Liu at fuliu@math.ucdavis.edu . You will need to provide your registration ID and last name. This information is on the confirmation email you should have received when you registered.